February 26, 2024

Earlier today I pose the following problems to you. Here they are again with solutions.

Puzzle 1 Can you make 24 using only the numbers 1 to 9 and the basic arithmetic operations? Here is one way that puts all the numbers in the right order.

(123456 x 7) + 8 + 9

Beginner level: find another way.

Advanced level: find another way with the numbers in vice versa order


Here’s one way, courtesy of number guru Inder Taneja:

98 + 7 + 6 – 54 – 32 – 1

Puzzle 2 In each of the examples below, the shapes A to L are either color blocks or stencils (ie squares with holes in them.) The shape on top is made by stacking A to L on top of each other. Your task is to work out which stencils/squares are used and in which order.

xmas puzzle 1 stenciletto
Illustration: Stenciletto

Solution DHKJI

xmas puzzle 2 stenciletto
Illustration: Stenciletto

Solution AFCGE

xmas puzzle 3 stenciletto

Solution KIFLJG

xmas puzzle 4 stenciletto
Illustration: Stenciletto

Solution LEIFKJ

xmas puzzle 5 stenciletto
Illustration: Stenciletto

Solution ELFICJ

You can find more of these stencil puzzles on the app Stenciletto, which can be downloaded www.smileyworldgames.com.

Happy Holidays! I’ll see you next year.

I’ve been doing a puzzle here on alternate Mondays since 2015. I’m always on the lookout for great puzzles. If you want to suggest one, email me.

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