March 4, 2024

Hannah Zeavin quotes Harold Bloom in praise of Sigmund Freud’s metaphors (‘Psychoanalysis has returned’: why 2023 has brought a new Freudian revival December 29). Flower too said: “I don’t know of anyone who has ever benefited from Freudian or any other mode of analysis, except that, to use the popular trope, he has shrunk so badly that they have pretty much dried up” (Paris Review, 1991).
Robert Kramer
Budapest, Hungary

I was interested to read the story about Killing Kittens (‘It gives us control’: rise in women exploring sexual fantasy in midlife, January 1). In the description of the birthday ball, among the attractions listed were “world famous floggers”. Of course, I led a sheltered life. Can one find them on LinkedIn?
Mike Vaughan

I was surprised Chris Tryhorn didn’t mention the Bafta-winning series Murder in Successville (Croydon facelift: 20 years after Peep Show, London’s biggest borough lands in the Oscars spotlight, 28 December). It was one of the most original comedies of the last 10 years, and was filmed in a college and multi-storey car park in Croydon.
John Davis
Lower Kingswood, Surrey

James Cleverly was informed that the government had failed to stop the boats. His response was along the lines of “Oh yes, we did” (Report, January 2). Is it pantomime season yet?
Derek McMillan
Durrington, West Sussex

Dramas set at Christmas always show trees in full leaf. Why choose Vera (Letters, 28 December)?
Jenny Haynes
Horkstow, Lincolnshire

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