April 15, 2024

Gary Younge’s article on the universal hypocrisy regarding racism expressed by both of our major political parties is the most honest and relentless essay I have read since. James Baldwin (In Britain’s degraded politics, fighting racism has become a cynical game, March 15). It should be framed on the walls of every office used by journalists and politicians in the country.
Jonathan Callan

The propulsion of rockets is described as the result of “flames and hot gases, which press against the ground and cause it to move upwards” (The children’s quiz, 9 March). Besides the grammatical failure, causing the ground to move upwards, what happened to Newton’s laws? Were they dismissed as the work of a dead white man?
John Hall

Following Dr Helen Care’s rhapsodic endorsement (Letters, March 6) of Polly Toynbee’s clarion call to bring joy back to the education system (The Tories have sucked the joy out of the education system. Here are three ways Labor can bring it back, 29 February), may I suggest a touch of nominative determinism? Why not colleges of diligent education?
Ian Barge
Ludlow, Shropshire

There was not enough space in last Saturday’s 16-page Guardian Sport to even mention Salford’s first win at St Helens in their 41 attempts since 1980. Maybe you can squeeze one into your letters page.
Ian Cawthron
Cuffley, Hertfordshire

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