May 30, 2024

The first scientist to sequence the Covid-19 virus China staged a sit-in protest after the authorities locked him out of his laboratory.

Zhang Yongzhen, a virologist, wrote in an online post on Monday that he and his team were suddenly notified that they were being evicted from their lab, the latest in a series of setbacks, demotions and evictions since he ordered the order in early January. 2020 published.

The move shows how the Chinese government continues to pressure and control scientists, and tries to investigate its dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Zhang wrote the post on the social media platform Weibo, but it was later deleted.

In protest, Zhang has been sitting outside his lab since Sunday despite pouring rain, he said in the post.

Zhang, when reached by phone on Tuesday, said it was “inconvenient” for him to speak, but an associate confirmed Monday that the protest was taking place.

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